A few of our accomplishments include the following

West Campus Union, Duke University” gets named Top 9 buildings in the World

Hugh A. Westbrook Building Addition for Duke University Divinity School

Duke University French Science

UNC Cancer Hospital

Duke University – Ciemas

Rex Hospital New Emergency Trauma Center

Duke Hospital – HAFS

NCSU Engineering Building #3

UNC Burnett Womack Clinical Building

UNC Genetic Medicine Building

Duke Hospital 3rd Floor Surgical Suites

Network Appliance Office Building

H1 High School

Sanderson High School

The Cedars of Chapel Hill Phase 1 & 2

NC A&T University


NCSU Jordan Hall

Joint Nano Science & Nano Engineering

UNC-G Towers Village II

Wake County Dentention Center

Duke University K-4 Residence Hall

VA Administration Building - Puerto Rico

Seismic Out Patient Addition = Puerto Rico

New Cherry Hospital - Goldsboro, NC

140 West Franklin - Chapel Hill, NC

Carolina Inn - Phase I & II - Chapel Hill, NC

Radford University - Fitness & Wellness Center - Virginia

21C Musuem Hotel Renovation - Durham, NC

Dulles Landing Shopping Center - Ph1 - Dulles, VA